Well if you are not bored of politics these days, I am. I have been discussing with people about politics through mails, blogging and talking to my college friends. Sometimes i have gone overboard and sent mails to some anonymous people in my email address book and even sometimes i got hounded for imposing my political idealogies on people whom i dont even know. But, we are in the midst of an important make or break elections and we really cannot afford to stay away from keeping a close watch on what all is happening.

So, it was a welcome relief for me to have exercised my franchise today.
Some of the things that made me vote against this government was:
1. Its inability to handle terror. Inspite of all these, our government has announced pensions to the families of those terrorists killed in encounters, please watch this video:

So, whats next Manmohan Singh?
Reservations for children of terrorists killed in encounters.

2. Reservations in premier institutes:
The two wreckers-in-chief of the UPA government –
—> Human resource development destruction minister Arjun Singh, and
—> the evergreen hero of the downtrodden Anbumani Ramdoss

They both made sure that admission into premier institutes like AIIMS, IIT’s and IIM’s are not according to the merit, but purely on the basis of their caste identity.

3. Last but not the least, I still feel the congress party has some exceptional leaders in Pranab Mukherjee, SM Krishna, Karan Singh etc. But the sad thing is that only loyalty pays in the party. I still feel Pranab Mukherjee would have been a better PM than Dr. Manmohan Singh.


So, I am taking a much deserved break from all these and I would be going on a class trip to the Western ghats in Karnataka over the weekend.cya soon, bye 🙂