I’ve been away from my blog for far too long to even remember. Every once in a while I visit my blog with a half-hearted intention to write something and I fail. Things have changed so much. I have so much to tell and yet nothing. Ideas about writing something form in my mind like water bubbles and then burst immediately in absence of treatment. Sad but true.

If I could, what I would have written in all this time?

1. Seeing Guruji after a long time yesterday in the satsang. It was an experience worth sharing.

2. Funny stories from my last semester.

3. Mum’s 49th birthday last week.

4. Even though my friend Abhinand asks me not to worry too much about politics, i would have been tempted to write about the big blunder MMS and his team did in Sharm-el-sheikh in Egypt. The joint statement by India and Pakistan was, according to me, a complete sell out to Pakistan. Also, it was shameful on MMS and his team not to take part in 10th anniversary of Kargil victory.

5. The government has given a go ahead for genetically modified food. I feel this will be a bigger menace than the use of plastics if not checked immedietely. GM foods wont help solve the hunger problems.

6. Pros and cons of repealing section 377.

7. Roger Federer’s historic win in Wimbledon

And the list keeps on growing.
Will be back soon 😉