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Say no to RIOTS!

For the past one week or so, we are seeing a chain of events triggered by the impending Ayodhya title suit verdict.

Just see the chain of events-

After hearing all the arguements and verifying all the historic evidences provided by ASI (archealogical survey of India), the Allahabad high court decided to give the verdict on the ownership of the diputed site in Ayodhya on 24th september

Suddenly, a central government employee by name Tripathi springs from nowhere and files a plea in the Supreme court asking for the judgement to be deferred on account of of the commonwealth games being held in India. (I am just curious how come a central government employee could foot the bill of a senior Supreme court lawyer, and i need not say that it was backed by a strong political lobby with strong ‘SECULAR’ credentials to delay the inevitable to happen).

But the Supreme Court rejected the plea without going into too many reasons

Now here is my take-

and before i start my analysis, let me make these three points clear

1. I support the Ram temple to be built at the disputed site along with a masjid a few metres away and at the same time i will honour whatever be the judgement.

2. I disagree with all those who believe ‘politics’ is necessarily bad. And it is only BJP/RSS who plays dirty games. Well, I hold no brief for either so spare me of personalize attacks. But at the same time I have strong political views which may be reflected in my posts and before you accuse me, I accept that “I am biased and prejudiced”. At least I unlike – media – do not claim any objectivity or balance.

3.  In this post i am trying to analyze how the political class and the media may react to the verdict.

A close look at the events, and we will come to know that its the media who is giving a big hype to the events leading to the verdict

Why? ok let me explain

1. Media wants a RIOT as this bags them PADAMSHRIS and TRPs, .

2. Because the MEDIA takes ‘Hindus’ for granted. As they believe – though sad, but rightly too – as a fragmented society. So they take ‘sadistic’ pleasure by ‘deliberately’ offending the Hindus sentiments every now and then. Sadly though, Hindus tolerate insults heaped on them by the ‘secularists’ ,suffering in silence.

Post verdict i am more scarred of Media Maharathis than either Hindus or Muslims. The media can manufacture ‘grievances’ even if none exists.  And i feel these padam shri media maharathis to be gagged after the verdict is announced. There role should be just limited to just giving the news sans the ANALYSIS.

We all know how the politicians will behave after the verdict. I need not say more.





Satyameva Jayate


Waka Waka..

The beautiful game begins…

This time i will be rooting for Argentina

Lionel Messi is the player to look out for:

The first bicycle ride….

Do you remember the feeling of your first bicycle ride all by yourself ? Your parents pushed your bicycle from behind, ran with it and then eventually let you go on your own. A moment of fear then a delicate balance, then surge of self confidence and finally the feeling of liberation! Your bicycle sailing on the road. Your first ride.

I was in a park jogging today and I saw a little kid on a bicycle with his father. I saw him ride on his own after a while and I saw his face. That triumphant and jubilant face reminded me of the days when I was learning the bicycle. Though the memories were very hazy, I could still feel it myself after all these years. And although I can’t recollect who it was that taught me, I do remember the place. It was in the playground near my granny’s home in the suburbs of Mysore town. It was a very old Hero cycle of red color with handles bent inward as it was the style in its days. It was a bike almost a generation old at that time. Nevertheless, it did the job!

Rang De Basanti

This post is my tribute to two of the great souls, who sacrificed their life for India’s freedom struggle….

Kid: Papa, what are you doing?
Dad: Beta, I’am planting a few saplings.
Kid: Papa, why are you doing this?
Dad: Beta, once this plant grows, we can harvest the crop and earn from that…..

Later that day, the dad finds his son sticking some sticks to the ground. Very eager to know what his son is doing, the dad goes there….

Dad: Beta what are you doing?
Kid: Papa, i am planting these guns, so that once it grows, we can drive the British from our country….

This revolutionary kid was none other than the legendary Bhagat Singh.

Sardar Bhagat Singh

Sardar Bhagat Singh

He was not only responsible for making guns and bombs, but also made our country realize that you simply cannot communicate to a deaf man, you need an explosion to get them to their senses.

He was born on 27th september 1907. He made best use of the court trials to speak out his principles and opinions. One of the officers who was present while Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were being executed famously made this statement: “I always thought that, there are two kinds of people, one, who cry on the face of death and another who accept death with a smiling face. But, now i know for sure there is another kind“. This was when he saw the trio singing their way to the execution ground.

I frankly admit that i didnt realize that 27th september was the birthday of Bhagat Singh, until i received an sms on that day which read:
Everybody celebrates the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd october, but nobody even remembers the birthday of Bhagat Singh. Forward to all Indians, be a true Indian, Jai Hind!”

I agree the composer of the sms has done a great job in conveying to the Indians what they are actually forgetting. But i could not help notice one thing- why on earth was there a mention of Gandhi?

Yes i agree that Bhagat Singh has not been given his due by the government and its people. But, what has this got to do with Gandhi?
It would be a big blunder if people started comparing Gandhi with Bhagat Singh. Both contributed a lot to our freedom struggle. Had it not been for Bhagat Singh, the Britishers would never have taken the peace initiatives of Gandhi seriously.

One common arguement has always been that had it not been for Gandhi, we would have got independence much earlier. The entire freedom struggle slowed down because of his”non vilence movement. But the question is: Were we ready for independence at that time?

Just look at the aftermath of the Iraq war after Saddam Hussein was dethroned? It was utter chaos….

Had we got independence much earlier, India would have disintegrated to many parts viz.. Kashmir, Madras, Bundelkhand etc etc….. India as such didnt have unified movement which got everyone together. It was movements such as the Quit India movement, the Dandi March which gave the feeling of oneness.

Finally our independence was a result of sacrifices of thousands of noble souls. Just as Ustad Isa is credited to have architectured taj mahal, even though thousands have contributed building it. Similarly, Mahatma Gandhi was the architect of the Indian Independence movement, even though we cant forget the contributions of Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekanada [who in 1897, while addressing a youth gathering, had famously called upon the youth to fight the next 50 years for India’s Independence, which we invariably got in 1947] , Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Sardar Bhagat Singh, Chandreshekar Azad, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Gopal Krishna Gokhle, Subash Chandra Bose etc.

End note: Lets stop playing politics over these great freedom fighters. Lets come out and celebrate the birthdays of these true heroes at the truest sense. Let the spirit of oneness be there. Let them be a true inspiration for us to face the modern day threats like Naxalism, religious fanatacism, poverty, female foeticide etc…

Jai Hind!

Going blank………

I’ve been away from my blog for far too long to even remember. Every once in a while I visit my blog with a half-hearted intention to write something and I fail. Things have changed so much. I have so much to tell and yet nothing. Ideas about writing something form in my mind like water bubbles and then burst immediately in absence of treatment. Sad but true.

If I could, what I would have written in all this time?

1. Seeing Guruji after a long time yesterday in the satsang. It was an experience worth sharing.

2. Funny stories from my last semester.

3. Mum’s 49th birthday last week.

4. Even though my friend Abhinand asks me not to worry too much about politics, i would have been tempted to write about the big blunder MMS and his team did in Sharm-el-sheikh in Egypt. The joint statement by India and Pakistan was, according to me, a complete sell out to Pakistan. Also, it was shameful on MMS and his team not to take part in 10th anniversary of Kargil victory.

5. The government has given a go ahead for genetically modified food. I feel this will be a bigger menace than the use of plastics if not checked immedietely. GM foods wont help solve the hunger problems.

6. Pros and cons of repealing section 377.

7. Roger Federer’s historic win in Wimbledon

And the list keeps on growing.
Will be back soon 😉


It has been long since i wrote something on my blog. Since it is election time in India, i have come up with this write up.

Before you come up with the first impression reading the title of this blog, i want to clarify a few things:

I shall make it clear that though I’am a supporter of RSS and BJP, i do not subscribe to some of their ideologies.

This article might be pro hindu., but this does not mean it is against Islam or Christianity. MY LIFE IS INCOMPLETE WITH MY MUSLIM AND CHRISTIAN FRIENDS.

This is against the two sinisters of modern indian society-the media and the politicians.

My first messege is to India’s worst hypocrite- the so called balanced secular media:

I’am a hindu who felt sad seeing Varun Gandhi make very provocative statements against the muslims. I really dont subscribe to such hate speeches. But why did the media turn a blind eye when an atheist chief minister from Tamil Nadu[we all know who] makes a statement like this- “If you see Brahmins and a snake together, brahmins should be killed first”
Isnt this a hate speech? Why did the so called balanced, nationalist, secular media did not focus on this? Is it just becuase Brahmins are not a big vote bank.

I’am a hindu, who was literally in tears seeing the massacre of innocent people during the 2002 gujarat riots, but what hurt me the most was that media only highlighted only the muslim victims totally neglecting the hindu riot victims. If there is one thing more dangerous than a lie, it is half truth
Like every other mature indian, i laugh with agony at the report which said that the fire on the godhra trains was an accident. Every mature head in India knows that it was a well planned heinous crime against the RAM SEVAKS
I recently got a mail which said that Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt working with NDTV at that time got $5 million to cover only muslim victims.
I wont say that i completely believe in that report. It was made to believe that Hindus sporting tilaks were the ones who brutally massacred the muslims. After all what you see is what you believe right?


During elections, in order to score brownie points, many so called secular parties rake up the babri masjid demolition. I was a 4 year old kid when the babri masjid was razed down in 1992. It was indeed a black day in Indian history. But many times it is just used to pit one community against the other.

I have a few questions for the secular parties:
1. Many beautiful and ancient temples are being razed down in Kashmir. The minorities in Kashmir i.e the Kasmiri pandits are being driven away[ the worst human rights violation ever]. Why doesnt your secular mindset protest this?

oooooopsssss i forgot, kashmiri pandits dont form a sizeable votebank

2. When you accuse some right wing parties of being communal, then why the hell you[ the communist and the congress] are openly flouting with a party headed by a terror accused Madhani and the Indian Union Muslim League in kerala?

this is vote bank politics of the worst kind

What do these parties think? just by appeasing the minorities, they think they can win these elections. BULL SHIT! The minorities are much more clever than what these dumb fellows think.

Please note that I’am one of those Hindus who believe in the age old Vedic saying-“Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam”. meaning this one world is one big family
I will certainly vote in the coming elections to a better person else a lesser thief.

Last but not the least, I do have an advice for the BJP:
They shouldnt impose thier ideaolgies on the Youth of India in the name of Indian culture.

I do call upon my countrymen to vote this time on national issues rather than petty local issues.
Please make your voice heard this time atleast.

I’am surprised i came up with such an article. I’am a risk averse guy who absatins himself from writing such sensitive issues.
If i have written it, you might very well sense what should have been brewing all these years. I had to vent my anger today

comments, hate mails, howlers etc. are all welcome

A small clarification

In my previous post, i had mentioned the protogonist’s name in the movie Slumdog millionaire as Ram Mohommad Thomas. Well, actually the name is Ram mohommad thomas according to the book Q&A written by Vikas Swaroop, on whose novel the movie is based on. My intention to use this name was just to highlight some of the unrealistic aspects of the movie. Due to some urgency while editing the post, i didnt mention the protogonist’s screen name.Well, actually his name in the movie which won an oscar is Jamal malik.